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  • Saying Goodbye

    My family and I have been trying to figure out exactly when I should do this for months. I’ve got to shut down Bringing Home Baby.  The business really has been shut down from a practical point of view for over a year.  I’ve kept the web shop up, but not advertising.  I haven’t taught […]

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  • Looking at the Question of Whether Probiotics “Go Through the BreastMilk”

    Recently I’ve been seeing advice, sometimes from professionals of different sorts, that mothers of colicky babies should take probiotics internally (by mouth) so as to pass them on to the baby through the breast milk.  The idea based on some fairly good ideas that babies who acquire healthier gut flora earlier will have less gas […]

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  • Increased Night Nursing in an Older Baby

    Mothering an infant is exhausting.  I don’t even want to say it “can” be exhausting.  I think it just is pretty universally.  New babies need a lot of care and attention. At some point in recent human history, someone seems to have gotten the idea that mothering babies shouldn’t be this way.  Part of the […]

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  • Lenny Lamb: Affordable Wrap Conversion Carriers

    I’ve been a confirmed ring sling mom forever.  Well, I have been since I started wearing my son at birth almost 4 years ago.  As I’ve said many times, there’s no “best” carrier.  Some types work better than others for certain people’s needs.  This is why I carry so many different carriers.  Ring slings worked […]

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  • Cloth Diaper Clearance and Giveaway!

    As Bringing Home Baby becomes more and more the place to find the perfect baby carrier for you, we need to make room for our expanding babywearing selection.  After all, our retail space is only about 150 square feet.  We want to have one of the biggest selections of baby carriers both in the DC […]

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  • My 4 Month Old is Teething?

    I hear from moms of babies around 4 months of age that they think their baby might be teething.  A lot of babies at this age start displaying behaviors that look like symptoms of teething in older children. They start drooling a lot, and look like they’re biting and chewing on everything.  However, getting the […]

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