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  • Should I Use a Pacifier?

    Pacifiers, little artificial nipples made of a bit of rubber or silicone, can be a topic of enormous controversy.  Some parents love them and think of them as nearly miraculous sanity savers, and other people treat them as if they’re poison.  Like a number of other topics in infant care, it can be hard for […]

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  • Pre-Black Friday Giveaway: Win a Sakura Bloom Pure Sling from Bringing Home Baby

    Bringing Home Baby has really been growing this summer.  We’ve nearly doubled the size of our baby carrier shop this year.  One of the most exciting editions has been Sakura Bloom, makers of some of the most awesome ring slings on the market.  We carry the full line of Sakura Bloom Slings, include the exciting […]

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  • On Early Solids…

    I am frequently asked about introducing early solids to babies. The definition of early solids here would be adding anything that is not breast milk or formula to a baby’s diet before 4 months of age and even includes adding cereal to a bottle to “fill” a baby up in hope of better sleep. Parents […]

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  • EmeiBaby, I Think I Love You

    I had a customer come into the shop looking for this carrier a couple of months ago.  I honestly had never heard of EmeiBaby.  There are carriers I’ve never seen before; someone else just asked about another Israeli made carrier that I’ll have to look into.  But EmeiBaby intrigued me.  Personally, I’m a ring sling […]

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  • aden + anais Bamboo Daydream Banket Giveaway from Bringing Home Baby

    Did you know that along with having one of the premiere online selections of babycarriers, Bringing Home Baby also has a great selection of gentle and natural infant care products, including boutique quality aden + anais products?  As a Postpartum Doula, I highly recommend learning to use light muslin swaddles to soothe newborns, and their […]

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  • Baby Loss Day

    October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  Baby loss day.  In my world, every day is baby loss day.  Nearly five years ago I lost my first son.  No, I didn’t loose him; that implies there’s a chance he’s been misplaced and can be found again.  He’s dead.  Gone forever.  And for the […]

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