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ll sunset rainbowI’ve been a confirmed ring sling mom forever.  Well, I have been since I started wearing my son at birth almost 4 years ago.  As I’ve said many times, there’s no “best” carrier.  Some types work better than others for certain people’s needs.  This is why I carry so many different carriers.  Ring slings worked for me for a long time.  Now they don’t, and I needed to move into a soft structured buckle carrier.  Owning a baby carrier shop gives me the wonderful luxury of trying on so many different types of carriers, and there are a lot to chose from.  We ended up with a Lenny Lamb cotton/bamboo wrap conversion carrier from all of them we could pick from.

I was using ring slings happily for a long time, but this recently needed to change.  I’ve suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain since my first pregnancy 5 years ago that has become worse with each child I’ve had.   My case is complicated by an underlying genetic disorder that makes my joints fragile and delays healing for injuries, but basically one of my sacroilliac joints and my pubis symphysis gave up after having three children and are no longer supported by the connective tissues.  Back in February I had to have one of these joints surgically fused to allow me to walk normally.  I can walk normally again for the first time in ages, but now I can’t tolerate carrying my baby on my hip.  I need to carry her centered on my front.  So started the search for a buckle carrier I like.

Rocking a Sakura Bloom Essential Silk ring sling.  Photograph by Yehudis Goldfarb Photography

Rocking a Sakura Bloom Essential Silk ring sling. Photograph by Yehudis Goldfarb Photography

I’d been going to get an EmeiBaby, which until the Lenny Lambs came in what the only SSC in the shop I liked for my own use (the other ones are great for other people).  I guess I like softer, more supply buckle carriers.  The EmeiBaby had been the only SSC I liked.  This blog post says why, but it came down to personal fit and a little about style.  I like a pretty carrier, and had been using a Sakura Bloom Silk ring sling that’s just a stunner.  The silks are incredibly supportive, easy to use, and just GORGEOUS.   Anyway, the EmieBaby fit me great, and I was so glad to find an SSC that could fit the new needs of my body.  They make them from Griasol wraps, and there were a few that I really liked.  But there was time to make the selection because I needed to heal a bit before I could start wearing my now 18 month old, 22 lb daughter again.  By the time I was healed, the Lenny Lambs came in and I decided to try one on.  I love it, too!

It’s a little taller than the EmeiBaby, and nice and supple.  One main problem with many SSC’s for me is that I’m petite and the shoulder straps end up not hitting me right.  Lenny Lamb’s shoulder straps are more adjustable than most, and can even cross in the back.  I was able to easily adjust the carrier down to fit me comfortably and for my 18 month old to still also be comfortable in it.

With my daughter’s input, we’ve decided to go with the Lenny Lamb for the rest of our babywearing days.  She seems more comfortable in the Lenny Lamb.  She can’t really say why, but she settled into it easier than she did into the EmeiBaby we’ve tried out.  But I think she also loves the soft fabric, and especially the color.  Did I even mention her love of clothes?  She is very into what she wears, and was very excited about the bright rainbow wrap the one we picked is made of.  She selected the Sunset Rainbow wrap conversion.

Keepin it real: no makeup walking the baby to sleep action shot.

Keepin it real: no makeup walking the baby to sleep action shot.


Why to love the Lenny Lamb carriers:

  1. Cost – They start at $162 for a full wrap conversion.  The bamboo blend one we picked is $180, but it’s still a big savings over a lot of other wrap conversion carriers.
  2. Fabric – They’re made from soft and cuddly Lenny Lamb wraps, not canvas.  Every surface is made from the wraps, so no scratchy fabric on the private side.  The bamboo blend is a little softer even than the 100% cotton, but both feel “broken in” right out of the box.
  3. Shoulder Straps – The shoulder straps are not sewn down to the body under the arm.  They connect there with a buckle, so you can cross them in the back.  Why is this important?  Well, for petite moms and moms with narrow shoulders, some carriers with fixed shoulder straps don’t fit well.  They spread too wide and feel that they’re going to fall off.  Crossing the shoulder straps can help customize the fit.  For me, this is also important.  I have instability in my shoulder joints, so being able to customize the fit on my shoulders is really important.  Other moms with shoulder issues may also find this feature helpful.
  4. Less Bulk – One of the very first things I noticed about the Lenny Lamb carriers when they arrived in the shop is how much smaller they were in the packaging than other buckle carriers.  This doesn’t mean the carrier is smaller; they’re about the same dimensions as other SSC’s.  Some buckle carriers are quite bulky.  In particular, the waist band it less bulky.  It’s wide and padded, but it’s also quilted and flexible.  I like that.
  5. Fitted Hood – My daughter loves this.  The hood is fitted like a hoody rather than just a rectangle of fabric.  It stays on her head, and she likes to wear it.

Like any carrier, there are some points that not everyone will like.  The ones I noticed are minor.   First, there are fewer bells and whistles, little convenience features.  Some SSC’s on the American market have lots of little features like zipper pouches, stirrups, and other things.  This one doesn’t have anything like that, but it does its core competency, being a quality baby carrier, very well.  The only other thing I didn’t like was that you need two hands to undo the waist strap buckle.  I’m sure this would be seen as extra safe, but to me it’s a small inconvenience.

Lenny Lamb and EmeiBaby carriers are great options for parents looking for high quality wrap conversion SSC’s.  Lenny Lamb is a little easier to learn to use, and are incredibly comfortable, plus that incorporate the comfort and beauty of a wrap conversion carrier.  This is not to mention that the price tag of either of these wrap conversion SSC’s are about half that of some other more well known brands on the market.  Give on a shot!

Lastly, did I mention that ours came with sleepy dust?sleepy dust


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