Saying Goodbye

My family and I have been trying to figure out exactly when I should do this for months.

I’ve got to shut down Bringing Home Baby.  The business really has been shut down from a practical point of view for over a year.  I’ve kept the web shop up, but not advertising.  I haven’t taught a class or taken a client in a while longer than that.   Quite a while.  For a long time, we thought, hoped, I’d get better.  Then we hoped that I’d come to a point where I could work part time and this business would be the answer.  Finally, we’ve been waiting for me to be well enough just to be able to put in the work to shut down.

I have a rare genetic illness.  It’s bad, but there are people who have it and lead normal lives.  For me it didn’t work out that way.  A couple of years ago I started getting some really strange neurological symptoms.  Because my problem is so rare, I had to wait on a list for months and then pay out of pocket to see a world expert just to get the problem diagnosed.  Getting it treated wasn’t any easier. My doctors didn’t understand what they meant until one day last spring, meaning spring of 2015, my neck dislocated.  It really just dislocated.  I survived that injury, but struggled for months afterward.  I needed a major surgery on the base of my skull.  The whole thing has left me with pretty bad autonomic dysfunction, pain, and problem with things like eating and speaking.  Work, even part time, it just out of the question for me.  Bringing Home Baby has been in a holding pattern with my family helping out keeping the store front working to some extent and a public face, giving me hope that one day I’d get back to a job that I loved.  It’s time to let go and focus on a different path in life.

So starting next week, I’ll be having a clearance sale on the stock here at Bringing Home Baby, and if you live in the area, also the store fixtures.  I have some shelving in great condition that can go inexpensively.

Thanks to everyone in the DC birth worker community who’s supported me the last few years, and to my customers.  I’ve loved working with every one of you.

If anyone can help, there is a fundraiser that’s been started on my behalf to deal with expenses that we incurred with medical bills, some with career retraining (I was working toward IBCLC and  back paid to school for that but couldn’t get to finish the training hours), and other expenses that we’ve had lately because of my illness and inability to work.  I’m also expecting to need two more operations soon and probably a wheelchair that we’re fighting to get covered by insurance and so far the red tape is just overwhelming us.  If you can help or to share the link to the fundraiser on your favorite social media, it would help out a lot.  It can be found here:  The Chesed Fund

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